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Michael Alexander Pöllmann

Michael Alexander Pöllmann

Michael Alexander Pöllmann, Austria, actor

Born 1982 in Burglengenfeld (Germany)


Michael gets his theatre education (acting and directing) at the "Academy of performing arts" in Ulm (Germany) and the Konservatorium Wien in Vienna (Austria).


He joined in 2008 the internatonal projekt «Olive». Since 2007 he plays continuously at the Dschungel Wien, the Festspiele Reichenau and the Garage X in Vienna. He also worked as an directingassistent at the theatre in Regensburg, the Volkstheater Wien and at the Szene Bunte Wähne festival. He worked with Maria Happel, Michael Lerchenberg, Alfred Kirchner, Andy Hallwaxx, Kurt Josef Schildknecht.


Since 2010 Michael Pöllmann is artistic director of "werk89" and since 2011 he works as an director at the Dschungel Wien.


"Dirty Rich" (2011);  "Um die Ecke" (2011) and Katja und Kotja (2012).


STELLA nomination as best actor for young audiance in 2007 and 2008.

"Dirty Rich" - Nomination STELLA12 best play for young audiance

"Dirty Rich" - Winner of the "offspring2010" award

"Katja and Kotja" - Winner of the "Jungwild - award" 2012