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Vitomira Lončar, PhD, Croatia, producer


Vitomira Lončar, PhD, Croatia, producer

Born in Zagreb in 1959


2011 - Completed postgraduate doctoral studies: Literature, performing arts, film and culture at the University of Zagreb, Faculty of Arts and Letters in Zagreb, Doctoral Thesis: Theatre transition in Croatia - cultural, legislative and organizational aspects.

1981 - graduated from the Academy of Dramatic Arts, University of Zagreb, actress

2011 - Certificate for Professional TQ trainer

2008 - professional upgrading as Research Associate at ICOM Centre for research in information, computing and communication at Royal Holloway, London, UK

Completed the courses, seminars and workshops: Power reading, Strategic Planning,

Management of Projects, Time Management, Access, Mental Maps, etc.


Vitomira Lončar is a well-know actress, working in theatre, film and television. She was also a founder of the Theatre Mala Scena, Zagreb, Croatia, together with her husband Ivica Šimić. She has been the Director of the theatre since 1997. She received numerous awards for her work, including the Croatian Actors' Association Award (1986 and 1999), Zlatna Paličica (Golden Wand) at the International Festival in Ljubljana in 2000, as well as Best Film Actress for the lead role of Štefica Cvek in the film of the same title at the Film Festival in Niš in 1984. For her outstanding contribution to culture, she was awarded the Danica Order by the Croatian Prime Minister in 1995, and in the same year she also received the Croatian National Award for her contribution to the war effort leading to Croatian independence.

Vitomira is Assistant Professor at the Academy of Dramatic Arts in Zagreb.

She developed a rich repertoire as an actress on stage, radio drama, film and TV drama. She also moderated a major TV show for the young from 1989 to 1997.

As the Director of Mala Scena, she has produced over 70 plays and has been the executive producer of the Milk Tooth Festival since its establishment in 1998.

She is the executive producer of Epicentre, Theatre Centre for Children and Young People in Central and South-Eastern Europe. In this context, she produced the "Playwrights Forum" in Opatija in 2004, and in Mostar, BiH,  in 2008.

She is also a Senior Research Fellow at the Royal Holloway University of London where she participated in EU-funded research projects using drama techniques to produce scenarios of use of Advanced Information Technologies.

She was a member of the production team of the ITI Unesco NPG group and she  produced the "Borges Project" for Congress in Manila, Philippines, in 2006, and "IfDentity Project" in Madrid, Spain, in 2008.

In 2009, Vita participated in the SWAN Innovation project "Videoconferencing Usability for the Virtual Classroom" as a Senior Research Advisor.


Published writings:

Theatre in Croatia and Young People (1950-2007), magazine Kazalište 33/34, Zagreb 2008, Theatre Law 2006, Organizational Development and Strategic Planning in Culture: The City of Zagreb, Zagreb 2008, Transition from Theatre Houses to Theatres - legislative and practical aspects, Proceedings of Theatre in Action, Istarsko narodno kazalište, Pula 2009, The Audience in the Theatre for Children, magazine Kazalište 39/40, Zagreb 2010, Freelance Artists, Zagreb 2010, within the research project "Croatian Theatre Magazines 1941-2005", project leader Boris Senker, PhD, Faculty of Arts and Letters in Zagreb, project code: 130-2641300-1036, project type: Ministry of Science, Education and Sports, Republic of Croatia. ,kal 2009, Multiculturalism in Theatre: Case Study of the "Borges Project", application of the "Human Environment" model, Croatian Theatre, 5, Croatian centre ITI, Zagreb 2011, Theatre in Transition in Croatia - Legal Aspects, magazine Scena, Novi Sad, Serbia 2008.

Since 2000 - Executive producer of Library of Mala scena, published 18 titles.

She is the mother of Buga Marija Šimić and wife of Ivica Šimić.