International Bursa Theatre Festival for Children and Young People

Bursa Culture, Art and Tourism Foundation, as the promoter of the Bursa International Theatre Festival for Children and Young People, has the experience of organizing festivals since 1962.

The first theatre festival was organized in 1996, by the Foundation, with the artistic support of Assitej Turkey and auspices of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality. It has been growing each year since then.

The aims of the festival are:
- To provide children the opportunity to communicate through theatre,
- To tell them what the object of theater is,
- To show children what kind of a relationship exists between reality and theatre stage,
- To make children notice their own being; help them to find out what they feel and what others feel,
- Contributing the development of children and youth theatre,
- Carrying the theatre to a higher artistic level

It is hosting at about 12 different theater companies and 120 theater men from all around world each year. It is going to be held for the 15th time during October 2010.

In 2007, within the festival program, Assitej International's Board of Directors met in Bursa for the first time in Turkey.

Beside the theatre performances, our festival also concerns about the informative and educative activities such as work shops, forums, panels and discussions of the performances at the end of the day. Culture Centers all around Bursa are being used as the festival venue so that to be able to reach children at all age from all round the city.



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