Diana Krzanić Tepavac


Gradueted 1979., actiong section on Belgrade Art Academy. Her proffesional work begins on Belgrade Theatre stages working with respected Directors such as ( V.Ognjenović, P. Mađeli, E.Savin, Lj. Ristić), TV and movie projects (Velo misto, Banjica, Escape from Sobibor, Janez,) where she played over 30 roles.

With the begginig of the 1980. she particepate founding of the first unofficial theatre and Art groups. (Nova osećajnost, Znaci kulture, Radionica za popravku grada) as well as in reaserch projects on the field of visual Art Theatre (Doručak na travi). She was coauthor of more Atr performances.
From 1990. she reaserches fieldof Drama Pedagogy, with focus on the work with teenagers. In 1997. she is starting with Studio for performing and visual Arts Iskorak devoted to cooperation with and for Young people in the role of Art director.

She directed a few plays for Young audience, which partiepate in many respected Festivals, cultural manifestations, humanitarian actions.

She is active in promotiong the idea of ASSITEJ and IDEA.

She particepate in many international conventions, relating working and promoting theatre art for Youg audience.

She is in the satus of autonomus artist.

Lives and works in Belgrade.

Founder  and Art director of SIVU Iskorak
2005. member of the Board ASSITEJ Serbia
2008. Executive board Chairmanof  ASSITEJ Serbia
2009. Member of the Executive Board of  CEDEUM IDEA

Performing and Visual Art Studio ISKORAK

About Studio:

Studion Iskorak started with it's work 1996. with the intention to support the Young People through Art programs and help them get through all the difficulties of groing up in hard social environment. Today studio works on programs which are related to fields of Culture, Art, Education and their cooperation through short and long term Projects questioning the role and importance of the Culture in personal and social evolution. Studio intercedes for quality unformal Education which uses Drama and Visual Art as a Media for personal development, socialization and easier integration in Society. Programs whic are targeteted to Children and Youn People different cultural and Social origin are directed by proffesionals who are trying to import and follow actual streams in Theatre and Visual Arts.



Workshops, public, scene and TV perfrmaces, productions, Exibithions, Festival particepation, Humanitarian Actiones, presentationes, seminars, jiont projects with simillar Organisations in Country and Region.
Studio Iskorak works from 1998. in Domu omladine Beograd

Izvedene predstave /Productions

l998.  Plava ptica / Blue Bird
1998.  Igrajmo se pozorišta / Let's Play Theatre
1999.  Prva pahulja / The First Snowflake
2004. Ukradeni princ / The Stolen Prince
2007. Nisi sam / You Are Not Alone
2009. Čekajući vizu / Waiting for visa


Participation of different Cultural Manifestations and Festivals

2004. 10.Festić, play Ukradeni princ
2006. Bitef Polifonija, You ar e not alone, presentation of the Project
2007.  Theatre is solidarity, humantarian Project devoted to Young people on the margines of Society, You are not alone, conversation with the audience
2007.  Bitef Polifonija, You are not alone;Play and Workshop
2007.  Art- akt 1. Idea Fair, Art in Education; work presentation, Play and Workshop You are not alone
2009.  1.World Youth Theatre Festival RIGHT & WRONG, Wienna, Austria,
premiere of the play Čekajući vizu (Waiting for visa)
2009.  Bitef Polifonija, Čekajući vizu, Play and after play conversation


International Cooperation
Recognitions-long term project of cooperation with other regional studies
Balkan expres - three yaer colaborational Project still in procedure of preparation

Tel.: 00381 63 7630 237