Bjelovar Theatre


A few of Theatre enthusiasts founded Bjelovar Theatre 28.10.1997. what was basically continuation of Theatre work in the City of great Theatre tradition and valuable theatre audience. Although this is not the subject of this text it is important to mention that in the time when there was no Theatre in Bjelovar there were culture organizations in form of small Companies and Groups which came out of schools and different citizen initiatives. Also, large number of Bjelovar Citizens were regular audience in different Theaters in Zagreb. It was logical regarding such a climate to found an association in 1997. which core was to develop Theatre Art in Bjelovar and County of Bjelovar. On the list of founders are:
Ante Rade, Mirko Benkus, Slavko Zlomislić, Jordan Atanasoski, Josip Salajster, Ana Antolović, Marijan Raguž, Božidar Iverac, Tugomir Pemper, Antun Perčulija, Vida Novoselec, Zvonimir Novoselec, Vojislav Kranželić, Željko Supančić, Miroslav Brletić, Snježana Šostar, Mladen Medar, Milan Marković, Miroslav Požgaj, Karen Medar, Gordana Hrženjak i Margareta Fabičević. In the Board  were delegated:  Mladen Medar for chairman , Mirko Benkus for Secretary, Ante Rade for Chairman of the Art Comity, Snježana Šostar for Finances, Gordana Hrženjak for treasurer, and for the members Slavko Zlomislić, Vojislav Kranželić, dr.Vladimir Strugar i Tugomir Pempersko.

On the Establishing assembly, 28.10.1997. members support the program, with priority to establish an Theatre ensemble and theatre workshops, and to prepare programs, from recitals to theatre performances with their own actors but in cooperation with professional actors and directors out of Bjelovar. Program refers also to hosting other Theatre companies and to promote and develop Theatre life in Bjelovar and to work on the professionally of Bjelovar Theatre which has not happen yet although all the criteria were accomplished.
The first decision that was brought was the production of play. On teh Theatre day 28.03.1998. our first play was put on stage ''I am in a hurry, my massage lady is coming''. That was the premiere of a play by Lydia Scheuermann Hodak, directed by Valtko Dulic. Actors were Gordana Marinčić, Silvana Medač, Margareta Fabičević, Miroslav Grbačić, Mario Milašinović i Josip Salajster.

In first 5 years Bjelovar Theatre was guest on many addresses until they got a place from The City Councilon E. Kvaternika square where today Bjelovar Theatre has workshops for children and young people with over 100 members divided in to a age groups.
Among numerous number of plays that were performed in Bjelovar  for Adults Bjelovar Theatre produced in 10 years 8 plays for Children and Young people.


Trg Eugena Kvaternika 7a
43000 Bjelovar, Hrvatska

Contact Person:
Margareta Fabičević


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