Olga Kalashnikova


During that period I have played roles of amplitude  from Russian's classical plays till contemporary musicales. As actress and singer I took part in the International Festivals in France,Germany,Meхico,Japan,Poland, with a performance " Dogs" The group of theater traveled around all Russia and other countries. The performance was played more than 600times.

Since 1989 I have organized musical group "Kabatchok". This project had very successful tour around Germany, Japan, Brazil, England, Scotland. Group was nominated as a best musical stylish group of the Festival "Actors  are singing" by  Andrey Mironov in Moscow and got grand prize  the same competition in Nijny Novgorod. By group produced 2 CD.

Olga Kalashnikova is author of plays: "The minute of silence" 1995, "Once upon a time one girl is being" (musical) 1997,' "School' s valse" 1999 and "Last ring" 2000. All plays  was produced on the big stage of Rostov-on-Don Theater for children and youth.

From 1989 worked as volunteer with international groups on the theater Festival for children and Youth "Minifest".

From 1991 till till this moment I am author, journalist, producer of radio program on FM radio station" Hit FM", "Europe+", "The radio 7 on seven waves"," Radio Rostov 101.6 FM"
From 2007 till this moment I am International coordinator of "MINIFEsT"( www. Svoboda-3.ru) - Festival of theater for children and Youth. The result of this could  the eхibition of Artist from Denmark Maria Rosendahl Chemnitzc (May 2007), The tour of musical group "Trusted Enemy" in Rostov-on-Don Youth theater in October 2007, International program of MINIFEst 2008 ": Da te Danza; Theater "Patrasket" Denmark, Kopergietery theater, Belgium," Credo "Theater. Болгария; and Russian program: sam Art theater (samara): Сам Арт.,Youth theater on the Fontanke (sPB), Eхperimental stage of Baltik house ( sPB), RAMT(Moscow) Inovation for Rostov Youth theater became the program of orkshops "Youth for children" During 10 days 10 young actors and people ith director Eva Bal (founder and director of Kopergietery theater) made performance for 20 minutes It was showen on the finaly show in last day of Festival program.

From December 2007 till May 2009 have worked for Rostov drama theater by Gorky as consultant for International cooperation. My  project "Russian international cultural-theatre center "Minicult" was created in August 2009 together with a group of like-minded men in the city of Rostov-on-Don. The center's activity is designated for creative, instructional and organizing work in the sphere of art-events and art-tourism for children, youngsters and the whole family. The main aim of the centre - is the creation a unique space for Russia, a space of cultural and business communication, relations development.

Activity basis

- Festival grounds
- Tour programs round Russia
- Tourists and cultural exchange programs
- Information and multimedia recourse
- Unique event content for the mass media and advertising

The primary trend of the "Minicult" project - is mini forms in all the ways. I.e. all the art-events are mobile, requires the minimum of space, the minimum of settings and of financial costs. However, all the projects contain a great energetic message. In this we see great opportunities for creative dialog with the spectators, incitement of their activities and personal potential.

Every our proposal is of an exclusive character, because we are interested in new, fresh, modern art which carries the characteristics of a quality and experiment at one and the same time.

The working group are Olga Kalashnikova (art director ) Maria shaporeva (commercial director).





web: www.minicult.ru