Romano Bogdan


Romano Bogdan work as a program editor of Panels in Čakovec every thursday. He is President of the Croatian centre ASSITEJ. From 2005. until 2009. he was the member of the National Cultural Council for Drama Art in Croatian Ministry of Culture.

Since 2001. he is the executive producer of professional children's theater festival Croatian centre ASSITEJ which is held every year in Čakovec and Epifest - festival of professional theater for children and young audiences in Central and Southeastern Europe.

He is member of the Croatian Association of Dramatic Artists, the Executive Board of the Croatian Centre of UNIMA (International Association of puppeteers and puppet theaters), and the Croatian Centre of ITI (International Theatre Institute at UNESCO).

He is one of the members of the arts council EUROKAZ - festival of New Theatre, International Festival of Puppet Theatre in Zagreb - PIF and the International Festival of Alternative Theatre PUF in Pula.

Through associations ASSITEJ, UNIMA he participated on the journeys, festivals and conferences in Germany, Netherlands, Canada, United States, Mexico, Israel, Hungary, Slovenia, Denmark, Poland, Australia, Malaysia, Ireland, Great Britain.

He has directed 36 plays for children and young people and 29 plays for adults.