Merkury Theatre


Most attention through theater work they lay precisely with preschoolers and children in lower grades of elementary schools.

Through previous experience of working with children shows that they most easily learn through play and fun, and Mercury Theatre seeks to contribute to the development stage of culture as a form of educating children through educational copyright texts and theatrical performances.

For these reasons through every dramatic text and performance, the theater educates children about current issues that are important for their education and upbringing, and are thus draws attention to those terms that concern them.

All projects were built in the Merkury Theatre production, regardless of the seriousness of the topic. The projects have achieved great success with the audience and they are constantly running in various cities in Croatia.

Children always respond to all performances great, because apart from the entertaining and energetic texts, the authors lay a lot of attention on visual impact, on the choice of costume, on colorful stage design...

Performances for children:

•    Ljepotica i Zvijer - Božićna priča

•    Djevojčica i Roda

•    Djevojčica u ulozi detektiva

•    Djevojčica i Profesor - Učimo o Hrvatskoj!


Performances for adults:

•    Dani vina i ruža

•    Savršen plan za ubojstvo