• Berta Hiriart

    1968-71 Theater studies with masters José Luis Ibañez and Luisa Josefina Hernández. 1975-76 Basic course in Montessori education. International Montessori Association. 1988 Participant in the Training Program for Journalists of the Third World, New York, United Nations.

  • Corina Chiran

    Theatre Director, theatre Pedagog. Course designer and workshop leader in acting for children aged 2-6 years.

  • Daniela Miscov

    Dramaturg, artistic Conslultant Teatrul Ion Creanga, Bucharest, Romania. One of the founders of Theatre Epicentre.

  • Diana Krzanić Tepavac

    Actress, drama pedagogist, founder and Art director of SIVU Iskorak.Born in Split. First experiences with performing art gets in Clasical and Modern Ballet school, Musical highscool and Young theatre.

  • Dora Jelačić Bužimski

    Since 2008 employed as an Executive assistant to the Secretary general of ASSITEJ International (International association of theaters for children and young people) and as an assistant in Theatre Epicentre (Theatre Centre For Children In South-eastern Europe)

  • Dubravka Zrnčić- Kulenović

    Dubravka Zrncic-Kulenovic, Dramaturgist and Director, Professional Theatre Artist for 32 years in Bosnia and Hercegovina, Croatia and Slovenia.

  • Hasan Erkek

    Playwright, professor at the Anadolu Universitesi, Eskişehir - Turkey.
    Organizer of the Interplay Europe 2010, meeting of the young pleatwrights.

  • Hisashi Shimoyama

    Born in Tokyo in 1947. Producer of International Festival Okinawa for Young Audience (Kijimuna Festa). Representative Director of ACO Okinawa Co., Ltd. (cultural cooperative institution).

  • Ivana Milosavljević

    2005., Academy of Dramatic Arts in Tuzla, acting; 2008., Faculty of Philosophy, section Pedagogy - Psychology.

  • Ivica Šimić

    Actor, Director and the Artistic director of Theatre Mala Scena, Secretary General of ASSITEJ International
    and the founder of Theatre Epicentre.

  • Jeton Neziraj

    Born on 17 July, 1977 in KaÁanik, Kosovo. He has graduated in Playwriting at the Faculty of Arts in Prishtina, in 2002. Author of many screenplays for short and long feature films, and also over 10 screenplays for television.

  • Kremena Tzvetanova Dimitrova

    Strong academic training in theatre and culture science; Writing theatre reviews in national newspapers and magazines; Project management;
    Festival management and PR.

  • Momčilo Kovačević

    Playwrighter and Scriptwriter. Dramaturgy graduate on Belgrade Drama Art Academy (generation 1977/78 - 1981/82). Member of Movie Artists Organization from 1982.

  • Monika Gerbocova

    2002-2003 Academy of Theatre Warszawa, Faculty of Puppet Theatre in Bialystok, Poland, branch of study: acting and stage directing of puppet theatre. 1999-2003 Academy of Arts Banská Bystrica, Faculty of Dramatic Arts, Slovakia, branch of study: directing of drama theatre.

  • Olga Kalashnikova

    Graduated theater college of Gorky city at 1986, the faculty of drama and movie acting. After finishing college I was invited to Rostov-on-Don theater for children and youth by young director Vladimir Chigishev.

  • Romano Bogdan

    Director, artistic leader of Theatre Company Pinklec. President of Croatian Centre of ASSITEJ. Director of the EPIFEST and ASSITEJ Croatia Meeting in Čakovec, Croatia.

  • Tina Ellen Lee

    Singer, actress and producer born to a theatrical and musical family in London. She was the General Secretary of The Association of Photographers in London between 1979 and 1988. She has produced two documentary film series and several separate films with Robert Golden Pictures.

  • Vitomira Lončar

    Actress, managing director of theater Mala scena. The Executive Producer of Theatre Epicentre. Docent at the Academy of Drama Arts, department of Production.