Glej, Glej Theatre


In 40 years Glej leads and supports their continuing vision, constantly looking for new trends and directions. Productions of Glej Theatre are communicative and open. They are interested in modern approaches to the audience, lively stories and committed projects. They are looking for discovering the paradoxes.

Standing programs are shows for adults and children, but Glej publishes books, theater music and continuous publication Glejev List.

During the year Theater Glej is leader of school programs: Škola stvaralaške kritike, Miniaturke.

Program within the theater is designed for children and younger audiences - Mali Glej is there for ten years - they produce a puppet show for children. Permanent colleagues of Glej Theatre are established puppeteers - Silvan Omerzu, Ajda Rooss, Sasa Jovanovic, Irena Kunaver Reich, Tina Oman, and many others.


Theatre shows:

•    G. i W. Grimm, CRVENKAPICA, Silvan Omerzu
•    G. i W. Grimm, IVICA I MARICA, Silvan Omerzu
•    Ela Peroci, MOJ KIŠOBRAN MOŽE BITI BALON, Ajda Rooss
•    Nina Kokelj, DOKTOR ZEC, saša Jovanović
•    G. i W. Grimm, SNJEŽANA I SEDAM PATULJAKA, Silvan Omerzu
•    Iztok Lovrič, PROFESOR AVANTURIST, Iztok Lovrič
•    Michael Ende, O ČAROBNOJ ZDJELICI I KAŠICI, Ajda Rooss.

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Gregorčičeva 3
1000 Ljubljana