International Theatre conference in Prishtina


International Theatre conference PLAYgrounds between facts and fiction: New plays and theatre forms, will take place from 16th - 19th of June 2011 in Pristina, Kosovo.

Theatre currently plays an import role in finding new ways of aesthetical presentation and new possibilities of perception for the audience. Especially the documentary theatre has been rediscovered and developed further by different theatre makers, working at the border between theater and reality.

The recent events on the Balkans is full of history, memories, broken biographies, that has a wide impact on the theatrical work of contemporary directors and playwrights. Since 1990 they are not only confronted with new languages, new social realities, new nations, but also with mechanism of forgetting or eliminating history on one hand and with the re-writing of historical narratives and national myths on the other hand. The stage becomes a medium to find new artistic ways of expressing and dealing with these challenges.

The first day of the conference is focused on the Balkan region, presenting different plays and projects dealing with the changes, transformations and sometimes traumatic experiences of the breaking apart of Yugoslavia and its social, economical and cultural aftereffects. The second day concentrates on different forms of documentary theatre from all over the world, on the role of historical and social reality in drama, but also in literature and visual arts. Besides the panel discussion and presentation of specific projects the conference will be accompanied by stage readings.

The main focus of the conference is to present new plays from the Balkan, to discuss about them, but also to bring together theatre makers and experts from different countries to reflect on the function of theatre, on new ways of artistic expression and possible playgrounds for them.

Please do not hesitate to contact them if you have any questions.