Dvadeseta godišnjica Kazališta Kolibri





- the essence of Kolibri / a taste of Kolibri -
9-14 January 2012

Kolibri Theater for Children and Youth celebrates its 20th anniversary this year. The anniversary prompts us, beside the celebration, to look back: how the alternative puppet theater that started its career in 1992 has developed to the only professional repertoire theatre for children and youth in Hungary which performs for every age-group in many genres.

Our story also reflects the paradigm shift as the companies performing for children and youth have renewed in the latter decades after the political transition.

We offer to survey Kolibri on this jubilee occasion between 9-14 January 2012 when 16 performances of the repertoire will represent our work. The program is selected so that it should present everything that has determined our first 20 years. It contains of:

- Plays of Hungarian authors

Our mission is from the beginning to introduce classical and contemporary Hungarian authors. The latest international tendencies, adaptations of tales and novels are staged using rich literary language translated by prestigious Hungarian translators. (Cult performances: Aunt Pepper, Mellow Submarine, Wormhenry)

- Performances for early years

In the frame of the Glitterbird European Union project we have presented a show for the age group 0-3 as the first theatre doing so in Hungary in 2005. By now we are followed throughout the country so much that in 2010 at the ASSITEJ Biennale of Theatres for Children and Young People in Kaposvár we organised a separate festival for the Hungarian performances for early years with the help of Small Size, Big Citizens European Union project.

- Next Generation performances

We consider it important that our young audiences meet their own age group on our stages in the performances addressed to them (Cyber Cyrano, The Web Emporium, Help!).

- Platform 11+ performances

With the help of the Platform 11+ European Union programme we could call the already well- known, successful contemporary Hungarian playwrights' attention to the age-group 11-15. Their plays are already on our repertoire presented with a big success.

- Small Size, Big Citizens performances

In the frame an other European Union cooperations we produced our latest performances for early years. (Wiggler, Children of Kippkopp)

- Classical music performances, operas

This series has built up in co-operation with the Palace of Arts. The productions accompanied by an orchestra presented there were staged in the Kolibri in a slightly different shape. (Háry János, A Midsummer Night's Dream)

Come to our showcase and celebrate with us! Help us with your critics and comments in the following 20 years. Welcome!

János Novák
Executive General