Cristina Cazzola


Organisation, management, communication

2005 / 2010
Segni d'infanzia, artistic and theatrical international festival, yearly organised in Mantua during the second week of November.
Artistic and organisation direction starting from the first festival edition.
Liabilities and enforced activities: setting and definition of the artistic project, fund raising, economic resource management and account rendering relating to specific projects; co-ordination and organisation of production of the artistic project contents within the festival (logistics, budget management as for travels and artists hospitality; technical material supply as well as different materials required for the different projects, through technical sponsoring or normal market research and purchase);
setting of the festival communication project; development of a communication project addressed to the public aiming at the audience sensitising and education; design and organisation of events and promotional activities;
co-ordination of the organisation team; structuring of the attendance projects with the territory organisations, training of theatrical operators dedicated to the project;

2000 / 2010
Teatro all'improvviso
, theatrical company located in Mantua, recognised by the Italian cultural minister and operating within Italy and Europe.  
Liabilities and enforced activities: Within the Albero incantato initiative, theatrical events destined to the young public, at its 24th edition and Sentieri Sensibili, theatrical research season whose tenth edition took place in 2003: organisation and programming with specific liabilities as for the artistic projects and contracts definition of single events; economic budget management as well as any production activities including artist and company welcoming.
Promotion and communication of the company; management of any tour in Italy and abroad through an international network.
Unique competence as for the logistic organisation of the tours, travel expense management as well as any document required such as visas and custom files.
Production manager and organisation management of the artistic projects in co-operation with: Smalands Musik Och Teater (Sweden); Traffo (Luxembourg) - Sonus Brass Ensamble (Austria) - Italy; Compagnie 16 rue de Plaisance (France); Trygve Seim an Frode Haltli (Norway).

Artistic activity

Teatro all'improvviso

Co-operation of the dramaturgy and production management as well as attendance as an actress to the production of Teatro all'improvviso (14 shows), experience with tour in Italy and abroad (Spaing, France, Turkey, Austria, Germany, Japan, Slovakia, Switzerland, Portugal, Guadalupa)

Training activity

2009/2011 - Teacher in training course for educators, laboratory managers, tourist guides: main attention paid to the use of artistic and theatrical language as a relationship and communication tool.
2002/2005 - Design and management of theatrical history cycles by Upper modern schools.
1992/ 2002 - Theatrical laboratories by upper modern schools.


1999 - Certification in Dramaturgy by the Civica Scuola D'Arte Drammatica Paolo Grassi in Milan.
1997 - B.A. degree in Modern Italian literature with an essay on Theoretical Dramaturgy by the Catholic University in Milan.
1992 - Classic Liceo certificate by the Istituto Omnicomprensivo di San Donato Milanese (MI)


Linguistic competences
Italian mother tongue.
Excellent knowledge of spoken and written French. Good knowledge of spoken and written English. Rather good knowledge of spoken Spanish.

Relationship and organisation competences
Great facility in setting relationships, empathy, high communication capacity.
Capacity to analyse complex situations and very good problem solving capacities.
Bent for listing and understanding the different interlocutor requirements.
Very good learning and co-operation capacity.
Very good versatility in using languages and capacity to interact with complex linguistic contests.
Good management and organisation capacity of creative teams.
Bent for team work, good organisation capacity, ready to comply with any requirement.

Technical capacities and competences
Good knowledge of the operating system Windows XP, Office package (Word, Excel, Power Point, Access), Internet Explorer and Outlook.


Place and birth date: Rome, March 14, 1973
Address: Via Petrella 19, 20124 Milan
Telephone: +39 2