Haruna Kondo

PERFORMER/C REATOR of Ahuri Theatre(International Physical theatre)

Theatre practitioner of Asian Theatre Centre for Creation and Research(ATCCR)

Haruna Kondo has been acting in theatre since she was twelve years old. She was awarded the Best Performer Prize (Bella in Lost in Yonkers by Neil Simon) in the 61st Four University English Drama Contest held in Tokyo, 1997. In 1997 she began studying psychology at St- Paul's university, Tokyo. She completed her degree with her project on 'physical expressions using masks and its therapeutic effects'. She started essential physical and vocal training and Tai-Chi training under Harue Momoyama and learning Noh theatre under Noh Actor, Reijirou Tsumura. She completed her Master's degrees in Performance at Royal Holloway, University of London. For her thesis, she created an innovative physical performance combining the essence of Japanese Noh theatre and European theatre methodologies in her final project Under the cherry blossoms. In 2003, she began her training at l'École Internationale de Théâtre Jacques Lecoq in Paris, where she encountered members of Ahuri Theatre. Since returning to Japan, she has worked with the Setagaya Public Theatre and the National Theatre of London. She has taken workshops in Nihon Buyo and singing as well as giving workshops in physical theatre in Tokyo, Montreal and Toronto. In October 2006, she adapted Peer Gynt with other Ahuri Theatre members for the 100th anniversary of Henrik Ibsen's death, and co-created and performed in Yabu No Naka: Distruthted in 2007. She also participated in the development of A Fool's life in 2009. Currently she is working as a collaborative actor at the Yokohama Boat theatre, training in Noh theatre under Kanze Tetsunojo and Karate (she holds a black belt). She gives workshops for actors, as well as leading theatre projects with teenagers with psychological & physical difficulties.