Song Song Song Children's & Puppet Theatre

SSSCPT 1Nine Songs, a classic southern Chinese ceremonial play, has its origins in a set of ancient rituals that incorporated music, dance, and poetry. Song Song Song Children's & Puppet Theatre (SSSCPT) adopted its name, which in Chinese literally means "nine songs", to symbolize its commitment to promoting Chinese folk culture and to helping children enjoy happy, meaningful childhoods. By presenting classic folktales with songs, dancing, and puppets, SSSCPT aims to make itself a vital part of contemporary children's life.

SSSCPT was established on September 28, 1987, by Calvin Teng and a crew who loved children's theater. It stages seasonal productions and special performances, which depict a wide range of Chinese folklore, classical children's literature, and contemporary topics. There have been 68 SSSCPT productions in all, which have been performed more than 2,600 times in front of audiences totaling 2,050,000. From cities to countrysides to off-island areas, SSSCPT has brought joy everywhere in Taiwan.

SSSCPT 2Additionally, SSSCPT has been dedicated to exploring international exchanges in children's theater since its genesis. Sponsored by the Council for Cultural Affairs of the Republic of China on Taiwan, SSSCPT made its first tour in Europe in 1988, participating or performing in puppet and children's theater festivals. SSSCPT has since visited numerous countries, including Austria, Germany, the former Yugoslavia, Croatia, Hungary, Poland, Switzerland, Czech, Slovakia, the United States, Canada, Singapore, Korea, Hong Kong, Japan, China, and Ukraine, etc. It has also invited excellent foreign groups and performers, like Kiev State Puppet Theater from Ukraine, MOKI Children's Theater, and Trittbrettl Theater from Austria, Varna State Theatre from Bulgaria, Antidote Theatre from Cyprus to perform and give workshop seminars in Taiwan.

Furthermore, in order to promote its belief that children's theater is a learning experience, SSSCPT conducts drama workshops for children, teachers, and other interested people. It also participates in planning and executing the seminars on children's theater held by educational organizations around Taiwan. SSSCPT's professional efforts to help expand children's understanding of theatrical expression have gradually gained prevalent recognition and support, especially in the field of children's education in Taiwan.